LTE Italy - Italian cellular tower location maps
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Wind Map
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LTE Italy - Cellular tower location maps of Italy


Welcome to LTE Italy!
Our website has three maps with all of Tim, Wind and Vodafone's LTE broadcasting towers.

This provides you some information about towers: check where your signal comes from and how fast it could be.

Our maps:

We have maps of all three providers, all of their towers are on the map, but some may have a unsure location.


How to use:

Towers either send a 4G or a 4G PLUS signal. If you want to see which 4G network provider covers you best, you can use the "show me on map" feature to locate youself or use the Search function and then check your line of sight to the next tower by using the Google Terrain map.

If you want to know which provider covers your area of interest best, change provider under the "Content" menu.

About us:

We are a team whos hobby it is to indipendently collect data about and to evaluate italian LTE Networks.